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Summer Exhibition 2022


Welcome to Summer Exhibition from 18/6 to 2/7 in Moss

Lone Malmgren wishes to take you on an artistic journey in emotions and individual stories. People's emotional defeats and victories, and how we from time to time, consciously or subconsciously, hide and camouflage the emotional baggage we all carry with us.

The inspiration behind the paintings in this exhibition is mainly based on relationships between people. She finds endless inspiration in the wide range of emotions and complexities of certain people and their encounters with the outside world. Each and everyone view the world in their own unique way and carry a lot of emotions under the facade. Lone tries her best to express what is hidden behind this facade, in a creative world where all emotions are equally valid and meaningful.

We hope to be able to show you a wide range of emotions with a focus on being able to allow yourself to be vulnerable.




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