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Artist Profile

Lone Malmgren is a contemporary painter born in 1988 in Gjovik, in the southeast of her country, Norway.
Now based in Oslo, Lone is dedicated to painting portraits by navigating between the abstract and the figurative. 
By inventing imaginary faces born from multifaceted feelings and painting real people in all their complexity, she investigates the layers in the human mind and the vulnerability in us all. 
Before starting her career as a painter, Lone was a high-level sportswoman and studied physiotherapy, far from the world of art. After gaining useful skills about the human anatomy and interest in the human mind, she is now deep-diving into the visual world of portraits: Muscles in the state of tension or relaxation, bone structure, shapes and skin textures. 
Her fascination for the human body accompanies her particular attention to emotions and gazes and leads the dance of her brushes, where she tries to reveal all a face could express.