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Artist Profile

Lone Malmgren is a contemporary painter, born 1988 in Gjøvik, south eastern Norway.

Now based in Oslo, Lone floats between realism and figurative as she uses her paints to investigate the deep complexity of human emotion, exposing the depths of mind and the vulnerability in us all. Although many of her works capture the essence of real people, she also brings to life imaginary faces with the use of painterly brush strokes, deep values and vivid colors.



“I wish to bring the viewer on a journey through an individuals emotional story. Shine light on their inner defeats, victories, and how we time to time, consciously or subconsciously, camouflage the emotional baggage we carry with us. I find endless inspiration in interpersonal relationships and the broad complexity of human emotion.

I strive to express what hides beneath the surface in a creative world where all feelings are equally valid and meaningful.”


LM 2022


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