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"Magical portraits"


Lone Malmgren is now fully engaged with painting again, and both Italian and British galleries are clamouring to exhibit her paintings.

She has been drawing since she was a child, went to art school, and has always had an artistic bud in her, but something stopped along the way, which turned into a long break.

During a revelation in the summer of 2019, she started again with brushes and palette knives on blank white canvases.

She gets her energy by grounding herself in the forest and fields.

She often draws inspiration from 19th-century masters as well as uses music that fits the moods, emotions and looks of the people she portrays.

She has now managed to collect 15 paintings for this exclusive exhibition, where each individual portrait oozes unique expressions and emotions.

Moss Kunst Ramme is proud to present these 15 beautiful works from Lone's hand. Welcome to the Vernissage on Saturday 24 October at 14.00. The exhibition will be hanging until Saturday 7 November.



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