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The Story of Frances Guy

"This stunning red mare, winner of the Derby in 83' and the first mare to pass a million in run-in money, is my latest commissioned piece.
I was so lucky to be contacted by her owner Kjell Håkonsen, who with much love and affection in his voice told me about this special mare.
A story about a charismatic and intelligent horse - a powerful creature with massive strength in the race field and a beloved friend in the stable. So calm and friendly that you could even take her inside the house!
I felt touched hearing Kjell talking about his horse with so much passion and admiration, and I really wanted to try to catch this on canvas.
He created a winner. A horse that deserves to be remembered, for her incredible stamina and personality and the beautiful bond between her and her loving owner." - Lone Malmgren 7. November 2021

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